Sunday, March 18, 2012 enjoy the Watertown St. Patrick's Day Parade

...on a most unusually warm, March day

William had a scouting commitment this weekend and while it might have been nice to stay home and relax after such a busy week, we took the opportunity to enjoy the afternoon as a family.   (Well, sans Isabella as she had a birthday party to attend this afternoon).

While this might not have been our first choice of an activity to do for the day, as I look at the photos I see how perfect the time was.

It is SO nice to have Mark with me for events like this.  Not only to have an extra parent for convenience (and boy it was SO convenient) but to share these special moments:

abbey just adores her daddy

so proud walking in the parade with his den
our babe asleep in her Daddy's arms
And my favorite photo of the day:

This about sums up our afternoon.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day together! So happy to see this pics!

  2. Great pictures. So nice to see Mark and the kids together again.