Saturday, March 10, 2012 keep the kids busy

...while checking a few things off of the list

While there are lots of things I would have liked to get done today we just hung around together.  I didn't feel like doing too much.

My house was clean...and I don't say that too often.
I didn't really want to cook...Or I might have messed up the kitchen.
We have finished Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban and watched the movie.  Twice.

It was late in the afternoon when I finally mustered some motivation.  The little girls decided they wanted to play outside.


Hats.  Coats.  Boots.  Brr.


They quickly lost interest as it was quite cold outside.

No worries.


As I was hanging this...
I came inside to this...
And this...(real fingernail polish!)
Trying to hide the evidence.
Perhaps as we continue the countdown I can keep working on my projects, but maybe I shouldn't leave my girls unattended for so long?

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