Thursday, March 8, 2012 share our thoughts of D-A-D the anticipation becomes almost unbearable!

  • New running shoes.  Arrived.
  • New iPhone.  Activated.
  • Trip.  We are on to plan C.  Reservations made.
  • Kids at ceremony.  Happily resigned to this fate.  He'll be around to help deal with them the next day!
  • Job.  Well.  Um.  I'm working' it.  He can't expect everything on his list to be finished!

Abbey brought her down around 1am last night to sleep with me.  Abbey was lecturing her about how these nighttime visits would becoming to an end in a few days because D-A-D was coming home.  And they would be able to sleep in my bed anymore because they currently were sleeping in Daddy's spot. Audrey's response:
"No Abbey you sleep in Daddy's spot.  I sleep in the middle.  There will still be room for me."

At bedtime this evening I was talking to the kids about how life might not be quite as dreamy as they think it will be.  After all Daddy can be tough on them too.  Her response:
"Yea, well, he'll be pretty vulnerable for at least a week or so!"

Was particularly, and strangely helpful and kind this evening.  Audrey led him around so that he would play her with.  He even read the girls a few bedtime stories.  I told him that I really appreciated how kind he was to his sisters this evening and that it made me so happy when I saw him being to sweet to them.  I also said I couldn't wait to tell his Dad about his unsolicited helpfulness this evening.

William was beaming.


I get no respect from her.  She hopped up here while I was watching her!  I am sitting right here, in front of the fire.

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I guess she is hoping that Mark has forgotten all the rules like I have.

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  1. WOW!!!! The end is sooo near! I'm sorry we keep missing each other! Are you around today? We have soccer and dinner with friends but I'll try to call you on our way to one of them. When is Mark due home?? :)