Wednesday, March 7, 2012 go to Sam's Club

... and mail a few packages.

This didn't seem like a big to do list.

But it's nearly a full moon tonight and and it was super windy again...

Translation:  My list grew and my children's behavior went spiraling out-of-control.

Don't worry about me though.  I still haven't jumped ship.  Thrown in the towel.  Deserted.

Somehow I managed to hold myself together.  I'm almost there....

Meanwhile these are the things I managed to do today:

Go to Sam's club to:

-buy several items I did not need
-realize they no longer carry the cheese's that I cannot live without (fresh mozzarella and goat cheese)
-take photos of my daughter who continues to insist on dressing herself with no regard for simple fashion advice:  never wear leggings without something covering your boo-tay.

Take my girls to the park...

with the ulterior motive that I could collect the items I needed to finish another terrarium I wanted to make. I know.  I know.  I vowed off new projects.  But I fell off the wagon... 

Ensure Mark will be getting the new iPad soon upon his arrival home..

-obviously I live on another planet since I didn't even realize until noon today that it was being released.
-an unnamed person requested it be ordered at 1:00...the moment of its release
-Silly me!  I assumed it would be as easy as going on-line to the apple store at 1:00.  It wasn't.
-After enlisting both Meghan and Amy's help, several hours and many, many texts, we were finally able to preorder that thing.
Really?? After all that work it will take over a week to arrive?
And finally the most noteworthy:

I made sure #2 and I won't be having too many homework troubles any longer...
warning: I do not recommend this tactic in your home but I can be pretty sure it worked in mine.

-the day was lovely after school today so the kids were allowed to go play before finishing completing their homework
-before dinner #2 was called in to do his homework, mind you it is pretty simple homework.  If he would just sit and DO it, he would finish in about fifteen minutes.
-He complained. Whined. Asked to do it after dinner.  Got up six times for some unexplained reasons.  Said he didn't want to do it.
-I prompted him along many times.  Coddled him through a few answers.  Begged him just to finish it.  Told him we could 'race' to see who would finish first.  

I promise I tried....

-I got nothing but whining, stomping, fist slamming, complaining how he didn't want to do his homework.
-I asked him if he was going to finish it.
-He said no.


I tore it in two.

There.  Now he didn't have to finish it.

But he would have to explain to his teacher...

Say what?

Then the floodgates opened.

Phew.  That was my day in a nutshell.

The momma.  That's who.

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