Tuesday, September 30, 2014

...to watch Isabella play soccer.

...It seems it has been a really long time since we have gotten to see her play!

I am so proud of her.  Soccer isn't really her thing.  Not like reading is.  And writing is.  And drawing is.  Those are her things.

But she has really stepped out of her comfort zone and joined the soccer team at her school.  

The new girl.  The new girl from out-of-town.  The new-girl-from-out-of-town who would probably love to be anywhere but on a soccer field...  

She recognizes the importance of exercise and being healthy.  So she acquiesces to our encouragement to play a sport.

And wow has she risen to the challenge.

Will, the photographer for the afternoon, really captured some excellent action shots...

He was trying out some new camera angles.  

My favorite of the afternoon...

I love the excitement on her face!
She is rocking this soccer thing.

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