Sunday, September 21, 2014 have a little lemonade stand

...before the football game

Since we moved in to our home the little girls have been wanting to have a lemonade stand.

Game days in Ann Arbor means there is a lot of foot traffic by our home.  And the weather was perfect.

The big kids had an outing with Dad planned and when I asked the little girls if they wanted to go out or have the stand they jumped at the chance.

Isabella was kind enough to help them make a sign

and set up their table.

While some of the time Audrey may or may not have been more interested in dancing...

For the most part she and Abbey were so proud of their stand!!

They loved having people stop and talk with them.  They LOVED pouring their drinks for them.  And they loved counting their quarters.

They especially loved that their first customer was their school principal!

Who knew he lived close-by!

And while he may not be a cookie eater his dogs Frieda and Bella are.

Maybe next weekend they'll do it again.

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  1. This is fantastic! Most beautiful lemonade stand set up I have ever seen!