Wednesday, September 24, 2014 share the pros

...of living in Ann Arbor.

I think I have mentioned once or twice that moving is hard.

I don't like making new friends.
I don't like finding new routines in new places.
I simply don't like things that are hard

I am turning a new leaf today!  I am going to try to find my inner Will and Mark.  They are always 'the glass is half-full' kind of people.

So here they are...the pros of Ann Arbor.

1.  The kids can be at their respective schools in less than five minutes flat.  Can't find the <insert item such as shoes, coat, hairbrush, mind>?  Oh.  Well.  Crazy morning?  No problem.  Missed the alarm?  No big deal.  Five minutes = awesome.

2.  Playgrounds.  Tons of them.  So many choices.  So many different types of playground equipment.  All only a walk or bike-ride away.  Monkey bars.  Spinny things.  Fire-man poles.  Wobbly bridges.  Swings.  Zip Lines.  Parks = awesome.

3.  Restaurants.  Real restaurants.  Any types of cuisine you can imagine are just a hop, skip, and a jump away.  Burritoes.  Pizza.  Pasta.  We can even have cookies delivered at our home until 2am!  Warm cookies at 2 a.m. = Really awesome.  

Sorry kids...we may never eat at McDonald's again (at least in the three years we live here).

4.  Grocery stores.  I am not kidding here...I have never lived in a town with so many options.  I have only heard of establishments with names such as Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.  They have certainly lived up to their legends in my mind.  We also have Hiller's....such a lovely place! 

Who calls grocery stores: LOVELY PLACES?  I'll tell you...A person who has mainly shopped at only commissaries and Walmarts for the last 15 years of her life!

Finally, Ann Arbor has a Meijer (two of them!) which is a particular childhood favorite of mine.  

I just may never go to a Walmart again (at least in the three years we live here).

5.  No responsibilities.  One of the nice things about moving to a new town is that the activity slate is clean.  We have started fresh.  We have very few commitments.  There are no committees I am responsible for, no classroom projects I have to create, and certainly no soccer teams that I have to coach.  No responsibilities = free time.

Free time = time to focus on the kids 


  1. Good for you trying to focus on the positives! And I am right there with you, referring to some grocery stores as "lovely." Sounds absurd, but it's so true. And, actually… I'm starting to think I have a problem. I "ran into" the grocery store 6 days in a row this past week. It's starting to become my Target… where I'm supposed to run in for one or two items but come out spending another $60. How did that happen, I keep asking myself! I've become more "on guard" at the Target-trap but I think I need to up my game to include nice grocery stores. ;) Pitiful what we moms enjoy!

  2. PS. The playgrounds all sound lovely as well. Sure wish we had those options here in Fayetteville! ;(