Tuesday, September 16, 2014

...to begin to create

...my own routine.


The kids' each have one.  Their mornings and afternoons are now pretty routine.  (As in routinely I am nagging them to stay on track.)


Since school has started we have followed our menu pretty well and it keeps me honest.  (Three meals planned, prepped, and executed each day.  They may not be pretty.  And I am not sure they are very balanced, but they are filling and don't come from a box.)

Next to tackle...

My time.

I have found (the last two full weeks since school has started) that I can't seem to account for my time.  Part of the reason: I hardly know where to start there is so much to do...and the other part: I have found myself running errands...errantly.

I think I am lonely.

I miss my sidekick.

Thus, this week, I created an agenda.

  • A day for home tasks
  • A day for running errands
  • A day for preparing meals, snacks, & laundry (more home-y-ish tasks)
  • A day for socializing and appointments
  • A day for volunteering

Hopefully soon I'll build working into my routine.  Ideally, patients will start coming in and I can start working on my own.  The next best thing:  I can work for a school district part time.  A few opportunities have arisen, and I know something will work out soon.

Newsflash:  I am not a very patient person.

I miss working with families.

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  1. That's a great idea… organizing your days like that. I find the same thing happens to me when I'm (rarely) alone. I spin my wheels more than doing anything productive OR even relaxing. I end up browsing Facebook or online shopping and squander my time-- or I spend my time doing just one thing (the gym) which seems like a waste some days. That's smart to break the days into categories like that. Let us know how it works out!