Saturday, October 4, 2014 catch up...

...With the LaGrange Family at the Great Wolf Lodge.

In Sandusky, Ohio.

This Army life sure has its challenges but there are also certain rewards and perks.

Reward:  Having the opportunity to make friends that really become more like extended family
Reward:  Having friends pass by pretty close to your new home on the way to their new duty station

Perk:  Having a mom that can be a little.bit. lenient when it comes to excused absences.

The results:

A few tears...

Some time in the water...

Some time becoming a Magi....

And plenty of smiles...

...especially from the two of us.

Thanks to both Mark and Donnie for supporting this little mini-reunion.

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  1. How awesome is that!! So glad you guys got a chance to reconnect. But I thought they were moving overseas?? Clearly we need to catch up. I'm way out of the loop (again). I'll give you a buzz this week… I can't wait to hear about everything. xoxo