Wednesday, September 10, 2014 plant add some finishing touches around the house.

Plants add a 'lil touch of homey-ness to a room.

Call me crazy plant lady.

Mark does.

You should have seen the back of the truck moving here to MI.  Plants, plants, and more plants.  Oh yes, and a desert tortoise.

The only problem is, I do not have a very green thumb.

Many of my poor plants did not survive the trip.

And today was my chance to replant my pots...

I tried to bring back dead ones (note the white mums in the picture above)...transplant dying ones (thinking a smaller pot might help)...and saved a few from the clearance rack at Home Depot.

This was my favorite that I found today.

I saved him off the clearance rack for $1.00.  (I am pretty sure he was marked down on accident.)

This little guy was unsightly.  He was in a humungous pot on the clearance rack...all he has needed so far was a little TLC.  I pulled off the dead leaves and squished him in this little pot.  He may prosper yet. Although my family may cringe at the choice of the planter.  

Disclaimer:  I do live in Maize and Blue territory.

I saved several sorry little succulents...

And brought this beautiful, lush tree inside for the cooler nights.

I received this lemon tree for my birthday two years ago.  It may be hard to believe he didn't fare very well on the trip here to Ann Arbor (he was nearly leaf-less in mid-July).  However, spending the last six weeks on the back porch in the warm sun did wonders for him!

A small fern...

A little Jade...

Can you see the basil in the backyard?

The Superstar on the left was saved from the clearance rack too...only one dollar.

Little touches.

I just love the colors in the greens...

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