Wednesday, September 3, 2014 share a few things my children learned

...this summer by living in a college town.

Things I hope they don't share with their teacher.

1.  Music is best when you can feel it.  As in:  It must be played so loudly you can feel the vibration when we are biking/walking nearby.

2.  It is possible to get from the second floor of your home to the first floor of your home "without even using the stairs!!!"  True story.  Audrey noted this one afternoon after our family bike ride that all one has to do is jump out the window onto the roof below.

3.  Girls and boys must run through the neighborhood (and down our street) "practically naked" as Abbey noted this evening.

4.  In the event one does not have access to water AND you still really want to use a slip and slide...vegetable oil is a good substitute.   Preferable is a fraternity boy is pouring it onto the slide from a gallon container...

5.  Beer pong.  How it's played and how to set it up.  Need I say more?

The semester has barely gotten underway.  The students have been back less than a week...I wonder what other fun things I am going to have to explain?

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