Thursday, March 21, 2013 take my kids out

...for a special treat!?!

The big kids had a half-day at school today.

Mark has been gone for several days.

I thought we would celebrate.

Not Mark's absence (of course), but our cherubs' survival through the second week of his absence.

You see, in my experience of Mark's many comings and goings...the first few days go pretty well.  I get a few projects done, we get to eat kid friendly meals (code for I don't really have to cook), and I get to stay up super late.  This also means that our house is a little messier, the rules are a lot looser, and I always read a lot longer.

It's the second week that we begin to fall apart.  The kids are whinier, I am crankier (probably from lack of sleep see above), and we tend to run out of groceries.

You see:  In spite of the crazy hours that he works, Mark is our anchor.  Let's be honest, I plan the meals for him (as the only human in our house hold that does NOT turn his nose up at what I have made for supper). I keep the house tidy for him (for some reason he HATES stepping on Legos).  And I get more sleep when he is home (I am much more rational about the strange noises that I hear in the dark of night).

Is it all making sense why I felt like we should celebrate?

We tried the new ice-cream joint in town called Yo-Johnny.

I think this place is a child's dream.  

The child walks in.  
Grabs a super-size cup.
Fills it with frozen yogurt (about 15 different kinds are available).
Picks toppings (about 60 different kinds).

All by HIS/HERself.

Can you even imagine the mess that trailed behind my children after they did this said task?


Their concoctions:

Blech.  These don't even look the tiniest bit yummy to me.

The kids thought they were AWESOME!

I think the activity was a resounding success!

I see visits with the grandparents in their futures...


  1. Ha ha... we have several of those frozen yogurt shops over here and the boys' cups always look like what you posted above... DISGUSTING. ;) But they like it. What I find amazing is that I can spend $15 on 4 cups of "yogurt."

    Where is Mark? Returning soon, I hope??

  2. That looks AWESOME!!! And guess where Uncle Kyle is taking everyone!!!! Sorry for talking to you so late when Mark's gone. Love you.