Monday, March 25, 2013

to keep a straight face

...when #4 came down the stairs this evening (after she had been put to bed).

Our conversation went something like this...and since I was actually typing a report at the time of her descent down the stairs, I transcribed every word while she spoke....

A:  Mommy (each and every breath that comes out of this child's mouth begins with kidding.) Mommy, I am coming down the stairs because Mommy, I need to tell you something. 
Me:  What? 
A:  Mommy, I can't sleep.
My thought:  Who could wearing those discombobulated pajamas with a rainbow-in-my-room-night-light sticking out of them?
Me:  Well?  Why not?

A:  Mommy, well ah, Mommy...would you turn off one light so you can't see while you are I can sleep Mommy?

(Mind you her room is upstairs AND around the corner.  She can't see any lights that are on down here from her room.)

My thoughts:  Raising my eyebrows at her.
A:  (slightly changing her tactic)  Mommy, well, Mommy can you turn off the coffee light off so I can sleep? 
Me:  Yes. 
A:  And Mommy?  Mommy, what are we doing in the morning?
Me:  I thought you needed to tell me something. 
A:  Oh.  Right.  Mommy, When you go to sleep you can't leave on the fire.
(slightly annoyed)
Me:  OK.   
A:  And Mommy?  Mommy, I love you the most-te-dest.
Me:  Sweet sigh.  Melt my heart.  Fine you can stay up all night if you wish smile.  As long as you stop talking and preceding every phrase with Mommy because my poor ears need a rest.