Tuesday, March 26, 2013

...to enjoy an ordinary


In preparation for Easter Sunday of course!

More egg-decorating.

When I was a little girl the little egg kits came with little dye-tablets.  Period.  End-of-story.

Now these kits come with paint, glitter, wax sticks, stickers, glue, sequins, beads, rubber bands for creating patterns, sponges to stamp on images, and yes...dye-tablets.

why yes...that is glitter all over my countertop 

paint, stickers, beads...
mmm...more glitter.

Are you admiring the glittered eggs? 
 I let the little girls paint the snow with the left over dyes.  Obviously they enjoyed this entire activity!

Silly girls.

Next year...

I can assure you the store is going to sell DYE-ONLY kits.

That's my story and I will stick to it.

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  1. I'm sure they will sell dye-only kits, but you'll still cave and buy the Kardashian kit.