Tuesday, March 12, 2013

...to finish a chair

...but alas, I have only just started.

I was hoping that I would have had at least one more chair available for the coffee (social event) that I am hosting tomorrow night.

Not gonna happen.

I think someone will have to sit on the floor.

Here is my project area:

I laid the beach towel down for two purposes:  Because the rush is soaked in water for a few minutes and is wet and to catch the stay staples that don't actually make it into the chair.

As you can tell I have gathered many tools for this projects as well.  Clamps, a cable staple gun, a wedge, a rush pin, and a funny shaped light-weight hammer.  

The first few strands of rush.

And a little more progress (after about an hour of work):

Things I know about rushing a chair now:

1.  It hurts my fingers.
2.  It makes my back sore (from bending over).
3.  It is a rather relaxing process.  (Great news!  I can use something calming in my evenings!)

Things I don't know:
1.  Will it be safe to sit in?
2.  Is it cost effective to do it myself?

Probably not on both accounts.  No matter.  It's relaxing (and I now have some cool new tools) and I'll just make to always offer this chair to Mark to sit in.


  1. Krissy, it looks so good!! I am impressed as always with your endless talents.

  2. Wow... how did you know how to do that? It looks beautiful so far. And I would think it'll be very sturdy when you're completely done. Great job!

  3. Yes. It looks so relaxing. I wonder why more people haven't picked up on this spa treatment. They do look good though.