Wednesday, March 20, 2013 celebrate the First

...Day of Spring

Not by busting out the flip flops, trimming the tulips, or opening up the windows...

Instead I am curled up by the fire (wearing an over-sized, extra-warm sweater), listening to the wind blow, and watching the snow fall.

I took this photo on the way into Watertown this morning.  The roads were terrible!

There is no justice in the was blizzard like conditions.  The wind was blowing so hard that the snow was blowing side-ways.

I even busted out yet another bag of snow-melt.  

The Groundhog gets a big giant FAIL.  


  1. Love your groundhog picture!!! Spring better be right around the corner!!!

  2. I love that even though roads were terrible, you didn't let it get in the way of you snapping a photo for your blog...all while texting, drinking your latte, and searing Pintrest for the next spring project. Errg.

  3. That picture is terrible! You all need to come down here for some sunshine. Stat!