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...The Hobbit.

One of my favorite times each day is the time I set aside to read to Isabella and Will at night.  Obviously they both are big enough to read on their own.  Ever since I made it such a big part of our routine while Mark was deployed last year, it has been the constant that we maintain.

I can't believe I failed to mention (it was SUCH.A.HUGE.MILESTONE) that we finally finished the Harry Potter series about two weeks ago.  And even my big girl, who consequently has read each of the 7 books at least three times each, wanted to make sure to come in to listen while I read.

Annoyingly enough she would often correct my verbiage if I dared skip a phrase or transpose words.

We love watching the movies after we finish the books.

Isabella ALWAYS loves the books more than the movies.
William ALWAYS loves the movies more than the books.

It seemed a good transition to begin reading The Hobbit given that the movie recently was released into the theaters.

I received this 50th anniversary collector's edition, MANY years ago for Christmas.  And, while I am slightly ashamed to admit it, until a few days ago it had remained unread.

I wouldn't say we are loving it yet.  It is incredibly descriptive and verbose.  (Translation:  Tiresome to read aloud and boring to listen to.)  And the chapters are long.  Harry Potter long.

However, the pictures interspersed in this book are amazing.  The maps incredibly intricate.  And so far there is just enough action to keep the three of us looking forward to story-time each night.

And together time is what it is really all about anyhow.


Perhaps I should have sold this (#wasuntilfourdaysago) brand-new copy?  Apparently it is on Amazon for $130!  

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  1. I do remember that least seeing it.