Thursday, March 7, 2013

...catch up on all the

...Crow family activities of late

10.  The kids are all signed up for spring soccer and baseball and swimming.
9.  Mark's all packed up to head into the field.

Translation, beginning this weekend, Mommy is the sole mode of transportation for all said practice events.

8. The gathering I am hosting is in 6 days.  I have added three big projects to complete before that date.

Translation:  I have a few late nights in my very near future AND I am looking for someone brave enough to be the first person to sit in the chairs that I am going to re-rush (not sure if this is a real chair-fixing term or not?).  Takers?

7.  The sun is beginning to make a more regular appearance here in the north.
6.  The snow is beginning to melt.

Translation, the floors and van are covered with dirt, sand, and salt.  And the little girls take every possible opportunity to jump in each and EVERY puddle they see.  No matter if they are wearing rain boots or dress shoes....

5.  This is the month of Dr. Seuss' birthday.  And schools like to celebrate this occasion for the WHOLE ENTIRE month.
4.  Abbey gets DOUBLE points if Dr. Seuss books are read to her (each time a book is read to her...even if it has already been read to her.  It should be read again.  And again.).  The child that read this 'double points' detail to her needs to be caned!

Translation:  Reading One Fish Two Fish even just one more time is going to drive Mommy to drink.

3.  March is a very popular month for birthday parties.  The children will have attended five celebrations in ten days.

2.  Audrey and Abbey love to talk about their respective parties (you know the ones they are having in four and eight months!), the theme, the colors, the food, and most importantly who is invited and who is not.

Translation:  I have been uninvited to Audrey's birthday party at least six times this week.  Mark hasn't even made it onto the guest list yet.

and for the #1 item of the week....

1.  Audrey announced that she is never ever going to leave home.  She is going to live with us forever.  And Ever.

Translation:  None needed.  You can only imagine our elation at this news.


  1. That was great!!! I loved every one of those. I'm sure Mark is thrilled about #1! ;) I think my favorite is #2! Funny, funny, funny...

  2. Wow. So Mom and Audrey are going to live with you for EVER AND EVER. You are so blessed!