Monday, March 18, 2013 enjoy the early signs

...of Spring that we have seen?

wanted to see?  Wished we had seen?  Remembered from years before? hope to see soon?

I even changed up my decor a bit in honor of Spring's imminent arrival...

I believe I broke out the pastels a few days bit early.

The weather forecast for tonight?

Four special weather statements.

Wind Advisory.
Winter Storm Warning.
Special Weather Statement.
Lake Effect Storm Watch.


Oh!  My!

Are you kidding me?


Mark left early this morning for ten days in the field.

If I had to guess he has a few choice words to say himself about the weather forecast...

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  1. Poor Mark. Welp kids....reason number 456 why the Coast Guard doesn't suck: no camping outside when it's really ever. Yup. No camping outside.