Tuesday, July 3, 2012

...to sit down

...and really plan our timeline for our trip this week

We are leaving in two days for our big trip to Disney.

The children are ecstatic!

Mark is looking forward to watching them experience this trip.

And I am beginning to develop sweaty palms and heart palpitations since I have done so little planning.

Mark says that I just need to relax.  (Aren't there classes in relaxing?)  That the kids are going to love this trip no matter what...AND they are not even going to know whether or not they 'miss' something'.

Here's to hoping he is right!

I do know in my head that he is correct.  Hell, we could probably almost stop our trip at the airplane ride and hotel stay (with pool) and the kids would be thrilled.

I just need to keep repeating this mantra.

"They are going to love this trip no matter what we do.  They are not going to know what they 'miss'."

In the meantime I am off to get my breathing treatment for the hyperventilating I keep experiencing as this trip draws closer.

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  1. Have a GREAT time!! We took the boys over Thanksgiving and had a really nice trip. That being said, James and Henry DID actually prefer the hotel pool over the Disney parks. The first day Chris and I were annoyed, the rest of the week we just relaxed and did what worked best--played at the parks for a few hours, then went swimming when they asked. I also felt like you did-- so afraid we were going to "miss out" on something. It'll pass. ;) Ha! Enjoy it all and call when you return! XO