Tuesday, July 17, 2012

...to figure out what exactly my children

...may actually eat.


You wonderful most magical place on earth.

Have turned my somewhat-some-of-the-time-picky-eaters into JUNK-FOOD-A-HOLICS.
icecream, cotton candy, soda, mac-n-cheese, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, icecream, carmel apples, cake, cookies, candy, mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, soda, chocolate milk, lollipops, cinnamon rolls, waffles, soda....
I think they need therapy.

A support group for hydrogenated oil withdrawal.

Since we have returned home I have vowed off soda, candy, and sweets for them.

This should not be hard right?

If I don't buy it than they can't have it.

If they are hungry they will eat.

All of these theories I have BELIEVED in.

Since our return home I have started serving our family's meals again.

Delicious entries like fois gras and sushi.

Just kidding...my children's behavior would be understandable if these are the meals I was serving.

But I am a pretty reasonable individual.

Come on children...

Work with me!!!

I am offering chicken and rice.

Beef and potatoes.





Real meat?  Uh uh.

Dairy?  Blech.

Vegetable?  Only if it fried with ketchup.  Preferably in a small cylindrical shape like say a tater tot.

Family and friends be forewarned.  The Crow house is on the brink of an uprising.

These children need some enriched white grains!  Red dye! Carbonated soda!!

Momma is ready to crack.

Daddy is MIA for the next several weeks with work duties.

Here I am...alone this evening planning tomorrow night's dinner.

What do I serve?


McDonald's anyone?

Maybe Arby's?  At least roast beef is healthy...right?

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  1. Let me know the secret to cracking down! I have to do the same once we reach Kansas!