Wednesday, July 18, 2012 share our highlights from the Shades of Green

...from our time at the most magical place on Earth.

I had my reservations about staying at the Shades of Green.  In my mind it wasn't 'on the monorail' and thus not 'part of the resort' in my mind.

I had my heart set on staying at one of Disney's resorts.  I really wanted to have my kids have the full Disney experience.  Well...let's call a spade a spade.  I was being a hotel snob.

I had visions of elaborate pools and the ease of getting around from park-to-park from the convenience of my hotel's lobby on the monorail.

I was picturing Disney characters walking around our hotel's lobby.

I had visions of charm and comfort---

Well thankfully Mark is far more practical than myself in terms of both expectations and cost.

To him charm, comfort, and convenience were not worth the very significant cost difference of $274 per night.

We would see characters in the park.

If we wanted charming we should stay at a bed and breakfast in the New England countryside....not be heading to the biggest tourist trap in our country.

And comfort...well, not worth the $274 per night price difference.

Although the sheets and towels felt as if they were woven from scraps of sandpaper...I couldn't have been more pleased with Mark's hotel of choice.

I can say our experience at the Shades of Green was excellent.

The staff was incredibly friendly.

The hotel is considered to be ON the resort.  We were able to take advantage of Disney's Magic Hours.  (Guests of the shades of green could not participate in Disney's meal plan).

Transportation was extremely convenient.  To all of the parks.  Especially the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  Buses left the hotel every twenty minutes.

The pools were very clean, easily accessible, had excellent hours, and there weren't even restrictions for using pool floaties.

nighttime swimming...what could be more fun?
As for the characters...Mickey greeted us every trip through the lobby!

And Meals...While we could not participate in the meal plan benefit that Disney offers (I understand this is a pretty good deal) we instead ate many of our meals in the Garden Gallery.  One of two restaurants in the hotel.  And because Mark had redeployed within the year we also received an extra 20% off of our already reasonably priced meals.  This benefit was also extended to Mark's parents.  How great is that?

The meals were delicious and the buffet options were different every night.  Two of the evenings were especially for kids nights (make-our-own-pizza night AND circus night).  Bet you'll never guess their favorite?

The balloon guy even was present...and he was incredible!

I LOVE that my little girl still wanted to dress up in her princess dress...
yo ho ho
madame butterfly
look at her carmel apple!  Oh my.  It was delicious!
snow cones and a pirate with a parrot
after dinner in the courtyard; full dress costume with balloon gear

The hotel was a great choice.

Mark was right.

I cannot even say anymore that staying at the Shades of Green was a concession.

It will be my first choice when we return again in a few years.


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