Saturday, July 21, 2012 go to Lake Ontario

...for the day with the kids

AND the LaGrange family.

And what a perfect day it was!

Sunny and 85 degrees.

Audrey packed and got ready to go 'all by herself'.

Maybe I didn't explain what a 'beach trip' was very well?
Beach days are the days I remember most from when I was a kid.

Lots and lots of time by the water.

carrying bucket after bucket out of the water
laying in the sand,

Apparently Katie and Isabella are ready for a tidal wave
as evidenced by their eye protection; 15 yards from the water
playing in the water,

playing in the sand,
covered eyes to toes

and getting buried.


Definitely my favorite season.


  1. My favorite season too! Thanks for a wonderful day in the sun! PS - I can't believe you didn't mention the seagulls!

  2. Fun fun fun! I love being at the beach too. Looks like you all had a perfect day!