Tuesday, July 24, 2012

...to mark some progress

...albeit small gains

Last week I was sure I had contracted pneumonia from sanding my icebox.  I took a few days off, acquired a face mask and realized I needed to get back to work.

This eyesore is taking up some serious space in my garage and is becoming a catch all.

note the helmets & the game of Bop-It on top
Getting to work:

I have started tackling some of the smaller projects within this big piece:

This is the ice block holder (I believe) and as you can see it is terribly rusted.

 I used this rust remover solvent that I had in the garage and some serious elbow grease along with a wire scraping brush in between applications.

pretty impressive
I had to let this piece set for 24 hours before I could add a protective coating.

So I moved onto this copper drain:

And used this slightly grainy rub for metals that I also had hiding in the depths of my cupboards.

Pretty little piece...although not at all useful 
Of course while I was working on these projects my little ones had to be creative as well...

Isabella has something impressive in the works!
 Spray paint grows out of grass right?
To be continued...

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