Monday, July 16, 2012 begin to remember our time the most magical place on earth

I have been a bit quiet on my blog of late because

a) we were traveling
b) I was exhausted
c) I wasn't as enamored as I thought I should have been
d) my little girls weren't as dreamy about the experience as I had hoped (the first few days)
d) of the overwhelming nature of all that we did and saw I haven't quite figured out how to blog about it all

I am going to talk about our trip in parts...not by day but instead by type of memory.
funny, exciting, happy, and yes miserable (because 'I cannot tell a lie' at times during our eight days of bliss we all were miserable).

First...I want to clarify for the record books that I did really love, LOVE, LOVE this time with my family.  AND I am so incredibly thankful that Mark and I are were able to enjoy such an adventurous trip with our kids and with his parents.

But that place is R-I-D-I-K-U-L-O-U-S.

And so I am.

This was probably crazy reason number one why at times we were all miserable.

Because I wanted to be:

  • the first one into the park
  • the last one out & 
  • I wanted to cram in as much schtuff as humanly possibly into one day.  

Believe me...I tried to reign myself in.  Mark tried to reign me in.  And certainly Abbey and Audrey did with all of their incessant whining those first few miserable magical days.

Until Mark finally did what any good husband needs to do occasionally and that was: he made a stand and said, "No.  We are not getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning because it is after all v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n (said very-carefully so I would understand the meaning of the word)."

are we done yet?
So here my blogging diary of our time at Disney begins....for the next few days anyway.


YEA!  We finally get to see both Minnie and Mickey!

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  1. Love it!! I'm already laughing. The family picture is great-- you all look so cute. I love Audrey's expression-- she's not feeling so magical. Must be early in the trip! :) So nice talking with you last night too!