Thursday, March 20, 2014 welcome Spring!

...and hide the winter things away...

The kids and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate the first day of Spring watch some March Madness.

We had fun eatin' wings and watching Michigan Sate get a W in the first round of the tournament!

Since I am not doing well enough with my bracket picks to talk basketball (no thanks to Ohio State)...I'll shift the focus of this post back to the weather.

We are in the midst of another 'Winter Storm Warning".  

Newsflash Mother Nature: "TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!"

I.  Mean.  Seriously.

Enough.  Is.  Enough.

So...I did what any rational person would do...

I got rid of every sign of winter that I could find in our home.

I wiped away the sign our Elf Plymouth wrote on our window several months ago...

"Let It Snow"
I took down the homemade snowflakes out of our windows:

And I made all the snowmen in our downstairs bath disappear.

Maybe it's irrational to think these token signs of winter are willing the snow to continue.  

Call me superstitious.  I don't care.  

Besides...I already know I am crazy (because of this weather)!!!

But now I know for one can blame me for the snow that continues to fall!

Google says it's the first day of Spring:

Now its time for the birds and the bees and the leaves and the say so too.

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