Monday, March 3, 2014 thank Fred & Ellen

...for coming in to help me for the weekend.

The kids had several activities this past weekend.  Ordinarily I can do the crazy-juggle pretty well.  This weekend would have been impossible without a little I requested reinforcements.

Fred & Ellen graciously obliged and the result was win-win for all of us.

Abbey and I got to spend some time together at World Thinking Day for Girl Scouts.

Here are a few photos of the day:

Our country was Egypt.  The girls stamped their names in hieroglyphics...

 and we handed out these adorable Crocodiles for their Troop swaps...

This is Abbey's friend Charlie from Germany.  Well, really it is a drawing of her friend Charlie from Germany.  They are pen pals.  She has been taking Charlie to the places we have been visiting.  We can a photo of Abbey and Charlie together and then he'll be able to see what kinds of things Abbey does here in the United States.

Perhaps I should take a picture of Abbey & Charlie looking out the window at the snow together?  That seems like the activity we do most here in upstate NY!

I digress.  Back to our weekend...

Isabella was able to attend the Science Olympiad tournament (since Ellen was willing to drive an hour and a half to the event); and William was able to go to his basketball game and his guitar lesson with Grandpa.  In case you are wondering...Audrey was a tag-a-long at basketball (keeping Grandpa on his toes) and then she spent the afternoon with Mom and Abbey.

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying each other's company.

Even though I didn't have my camera out much, I did manage to snap these photos as they were leaving bright and early this morning:

before walking Isabella to the bus  
before the rest of the crew left for the day
Safe travels.

And Thank You.

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