Sunday, March 9, 2014 enjoy dessert

...I love Sundays during Lent!

I had the children give up desserts during Lent (Yes.  I am giving them up too.) 

I knew this would be both challenging and hopefully helpful for them to gain a little perspective on eating to satiate their hunger...not just so could have dessert after they eat 'three' bites.

During this week they have each been setting aside money for their rice boxes given to them at school this past week.  This concept seems to have helped them develop the concept there are many children in this world that don't have access to good food.

Maybe having them give up dessert will help them to develop a small appreciation for having three square meals a day.

I think it's working.

And believe it or not they aren't even complaining.

Because Isabella was up in arms about this concept she decided I needed to suffer a little more.  She told me I should give up something really difficult as well.  Something like sugar and cream in my coffee.

I had no. idea. how hard it would be for me to give up cream and sugar in my coffee.  And it's only been four days.  My coffee today was de-li-cious!  I think I appreciate it all the more.

To celebrate our success each week I have decided we'll make a 'special dessert' on Sundays.

Today was chocolate cream pie.


Thumbs up.

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