Sunday, March 23, 2014 watch how Maple Syrup is made

...with two of my beautiful girls!

It was a beautiful, albeit very cold day (14 degrees) for our Maple syrup tour at the Massey Farm here in Watertown, NY.

While we waited for the tractor ride portion of the tour there was a campfire to stand around...

The informational part of the tour was so interesting.  The syrup is being boiled down.  He explained the process of the collection, he showed the girls what sap looks like (mostly like water) and explained that sap is 98% water.  That's why it takes so much sap to make a very small amount of maple syrup.

He explained that a good sugaring season would consist of warm days (40+ degrees), cold nights (below freezing)...this has NOT been a good season.

In this photo the gentleman is explaining the different color variations of the syrup that he gets through the season. 

The first sap draws of the season draw very light colored syrups, the dark amber syrups are drawn late in the season.  Here in the windowsill, he keeps a small sample of each batch of syrup he produces.

He explained the dark amber syrups (grocery store versions/qualities) are usually drawn later in the season after the trees have budded but the sap is still running.

We took a tractor ride to see where some of the trees have been tapped...

A view of the syrup building from the tractor:  

I thought it looked so pretty.

The Massey family made cotton candy from the maple syrup.  It was delicious!

What a fun outing with my Isabella and Abbey!

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