Thursday, March 13, 2014

...another snow day

...of course.

I've lost track of how many we have had.  Between snow days, two-hour delays, winter break, and regularly scheduled half-days, my children haven't been to school much.  In fact, since Thanksgiving, they have not had a single full week of school.


Research shows people crave routine.  Children crave routine.  I crave routine.  We have NO ROUTINE!  Unless of course me losing my temper 'routinely' counts.

Today we welcomed Winter Storm Vulcan.

And we were rewarded with 12 inches of fresh powder.

12 inches of powder is great!  If you live at a ski resort.

Fort Drum is no ski resort.  Nope.

I saw this article posted on FB:

Maybe we should just go for an even 200?  That seems like a nice round number.

Let me be clear, I will be the first to admit that I love a good two-hour delay!  Who doesn't want an extra hour (or two) of sleep on a given day?

Similarly, a snow day here and there is fun!  Hot chocolate.  Art projects.  Some TV time in the middle of the week!  Awesome!!  Woot woot.

Newsflash:  We ran out of hot chocolate.  The washable paint is gone.  And the kids have watched every.single.episode. of Jessie at least 6 times.

This was our snow day fun today:

What a trooper...
delivering Thin Mints in a blizzard.
I just may be getting close to my breaking point....

I think Timber is too.

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  1. I mean, seriously! Are local news channels reporting mothers who have had breakdowns??? Parents who have just called quits on this never-ending episode of The Shining? haha. Spring has GOT to be coming soon. I can only imagine how desperate you all are to see sun and your streets again! :) Thinking of you and hoping today is a happy, warm one!