Tuesday, March 4, 2014

...to get set

...for Ash Wednesday

The beginning of Lent.

Lent is even better than a Monday and it's better than New Year's Day.

Lent is like a new beginning.

It's a whole season, 40 days, to dedicate and focus on the things that are important.

God.  Family.  Self.

Some other words that come to mind for the season are: reflection, kindness, prayer, gratitude, sacrifice, generosity.

A trait each week for me to focus on.

Last year I was inspired by my friend Lisa to get rid of 40 bags of items in 40 days.  It was hard.

Getting rid of stuff = Time for more important things (in other words less time organizing, tidying, keeping track of these said items.)

This is once again my dedication for Lent.

In addition I have to recycle 40 books.  40 shoes.  & 40 outdoor items.  (Going out to the garage is a HUGE commitment.  People it is COLD here!)

To go along with my sacrifice I have decided I won't go to any thrift shops, antique stores, or buy any items off Craigslist.  The point is:  Getting rid of stuff = Time for more important things

Before I get started though...I already have a confession to make...I have been pre-hoarding my donations.

I have a giant box filled with items in my room, ready to be loaded in the car.  But not until... tomorrow...

Does this count you may ask?  Can she pre-hoard her items to get rid of?

I am totally counting this box.

Box #1 is ready.

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