Monday, February 3, 2014 do a little reading...

...about my new obsession...

I've been grinding wheat.  (That I have purchased locally.)

I've been kneading and rising and proofing....

And hopelessly failing.

Flat.  Chewy.  Tasteless.

So I need to figure out why....

Did forgetting to put the salt in really make that big of a difference???



  1. Yes. :( Looks like salt is a big deal in bread. I find that the lack of salt in any baked products yields a less-than-stellar result. I did a quick check for your bread too--
    Keep trying!! They look beautiful!

  2. Good thought on milling your own grain. Everytime I go grocery shopping I think to myself, DAMN!!! Flour prices are outrageous! No way am I paying $3.79 for this 5 lb. bag of organic flour.