Saturday, February 15, 2014 spend the day

....watching lots of basketball

Will has joined the CYS league here on Post.  One of his good friends is on the team with him.  While the practice schedule is a little more relaxed, the kids are equally as serious about their play.

 Of course they don't keep score at these games...

(As if the kids don't keep score in their heads?  They know which team wins or loses!)

Will had an hour between games and went all out again for his school team.

By this point, Abbey was a little 'basket-balled' out.

Not Will.  It must be the new shorts that Meghan ordered for him!

Audrey maintained a great attitude the whole time.  Perhaps it was the third bag of Pirate Booty?  (That I pretended not to notice she ate?)

I loved watching how hard he played...

...all day!

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