Sunday, February 9, 2014 post the top five

...from the weekend.

5.  It's old news for sure.  I am certain you are tired about reading/hearing about our snow-woes up here the the North country.

But I am living the dream.  This IS our reality:

An official weather spotter for the National Weather Service recorded that 22 inches of new snow fell in the Watertown area between Thursday and Friday morning. But today is Saturday and it's still snowing! We have added another 19" since then. 

Snow totals for Watertown for this Winter are 135" and counting. 

4.  Two hour delays have given the kids the chance to hone their musical talents...(disclaimer I took these videos a week or so ago.  We have had A LOT of two-hour-delays.)

3.  I had an evening out with Meghan and Amy and a few of our friends from Augustinian for the school's annual fundraiser.

2.  The kids spent a considerable amount of time outside this weekend.  It's hard to capture just how much snow we have but I tried...

Will is standing nearly as tall as that tree!

As this photo shows, its a pretty tall tree!

1.  The highlight of the weekend has been watching the olympics.  The globes are helping us (especially me) brush up on our geography skills!  When each team was introduced during the opening ceremony we raced to see who could find their country on the globe first.

Fun fact:  The order the teams entered the olympic stadium was according to the Russian alphabet.

For the record, Isabella won nearly every time!

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