Saturday, February 22, 2014 have a reprieve

...from the-place-where-winter-will-never-end!

The kids and I headed to Boston for a much needed break from chores and poorly prepared meals and...snow.

Maybe I should have checked the weather forecast...since the day after we arrived Boston was hit 'with another big storm'.  Sigh.  Of course they were.

The kids and I realized it wasn't the snow we needed a break was the chores and the poorly prepared meals...and the monotony of my voice telling each of them what to do.  Constantly.

It was a lovely break from me nagging them as well as from them ignoring me.  (All.the.time.)

For four days we got to spend several lovely days cuddling with our new nephew,

playing with Garrison,

and enjoying time chatting with Jason and Lisa.

my beautiful sister-in-law
As a bonus we spent lazy mornings at the hotel, lots of time splashing in the pool,

They love the pool.  It's photo time they don't!
Such a fun time...

and I even got one fair photo for the family heirloom books.

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