Wednesday, May 29, 2013 watch the birds

...because I am becoming a CRAZY bird lady!

I have already posted about the little Mama Robin who has made her nest above our front door.

I know that I already mentioned how much we enjoyed watching her bring the twigs and sticks to build her little dwelling, how we loved checking on her eggs each day, and how we were able to see the beginning of the hatching process...

Well, while we were away the rest of her little ones hatched.

I can't describe how much the kids and I love, LOVE, LOVE watching them.

This afternoon I was able to catch a few photos of just how precious this little family is.

This is Daddy bird...ready with some worms.

He is placing the worm in the little one's mouth.

Look how far he places that worm down that little tiny bird's throat.  He seemed to be so careful.

Mama bird is watching me.  Perhaps she likes me?  Perhaps she thinks I should mind my own beeswax?  I am sure she knows we won't hurt her.  More often than not she stays in her nest in spite of our chaos right there in the living room next to her.

Here they both are...Mama and Daddy.  Just a moment before they both had their worms, but I missed this moment.  Mamma is getting ready to fly off to look for some more food; Daddy is ready to take his turn to feed his brood.

A week ago Abbey had told us that she had seen two birds in the nest.  I am quite certain that none of us really believed her.  Until today.  

Who knew that both the Mama and the Daddy helped raise the little ones?

The kids and I watched both of them fly back and forth for the better part of an hour.  Sometimes they both came together, sometimes one at a time.  Each of them always had a mouthful of worms.  Both of them were so careful.

We are surely loving this little family.

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