Friday, May 17, 2013 bring lovely into my home

...and what is more lovely than lilacs?

Last week I was browsing at TJ Max.  I actually stop in there about once a month to check on their toys and games...I tend to find new materials that I use for work there (since I actually play children's games for a living....)

I found this little gem:

It is one continuous vase with four separate holders.

And it just so happens that these beauties are growing right outside our front door:

The lilacs and the vase are a perfect combination.

My very favorite flower in the whole wide world only happens to bloom for about two weeks in May.

And now it also thrives in our dining room...


Sniiifff....ahhh.  The fragrance is breathtaking. (Possibly, quite literally for Mark and Isabella given their allergies.) very lovely.

They make me so happy.


  1. They've always been my favorite flower also. We have a bush but it only seems to get about 3blooms a year ):

  2. yes, quite literally. They give me a headache.-Isabella

  3. Gorgeous!! I'm going to stalk some of these today!!