Tuesday, May 28, 2013

...to travel back to NY

...after a wonderful visit in Richmond, VA.

Lucky for the children they had a few extra days off of school for the Memorial Day weekend and we took the opportunity to go and visit my brother.

Every visit goes much too quickly and we always seem to have more fun than the previous visit.

Usually I am really good about taking photos throughout our trips...this time I forgot my camera.

I can't explain how lost I felt without it the first few days we were there.  I love to capture 'moments'.  Cousins together, Kyle playing with the kids, outings we take...

I was so upset with myself.

For what it is worth these are a few moments I captured with my phone:

1.  We awoke on Saturday morning to a flat tire on the van.

While it was slightly inconvenient to have a flat I was incredibly thankful that it a) did not happen at 10:00PM on I-95 South while I was traveling with our four children in the dark of night, b) did not happen on Tuesday morning when I was ready to leave, and c) that my brother did all of the hard-changing-the-tire-work (or perhaps he just supervised Isabella doing the hard work?).

2.  We enjoyed several meals outside on newly built (Kudos to my Dad) deck.  

3.  We enjoyed a delicious birthday cake that Taylor made for both Kyle and I.  (Why yes, it does appear as if we needed a small fire extinguisher on that thing!)

3.  Capturing photos of six uncooperative children is always nearly impossible...especially with only a phone camera.

4.  Bath time in Aunt Titi's tub was AWESOME!

5.  And one incredibly sweet little girl wanted to join in the fun...but she just wasn't sure.

Great trip.

Building memories.

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  1. We had so much fun and so happy you made the trip. Hopefully the car trip memories ware off and you'll come back again.