Saturday, May 4, 2013 get a project ready to make

...for Will's class.

Amy and I am coordinating the kids' class Mother's Day project for this year.  We came up with the idea of mini-terrariums.  Since I-heart-these-things-so-much!

I ordered these little jars,

we'll fill them with Fort Drum nature finds,

mini mini pinecones
bright plushy moss
then they'll add on a few embellishments (e.g., rocks, twigs, twine), and voila their project will be complete.

Little did Amy and I know...the fun was in the collecting of the items.

Just as we started our short walk toward the woods a large porcupine crossed our path.  So cool!

Can you see him?  Right away I was so annoyed I left my good camera at home and only had my phone!

Checking out our loot.

Audrey's taking a break.  Moss collecting isn't her thing.

Now rocks...
Now rocks...

And sticks are things that she gets excited about!

At this point the kids were supposed to be collecting rocks and pretty pebbles.  They quickly realized that catching frogs and tadpoles would be far more entertaining!

Amy and I finally acquiesced and joined in the quest.

There is one frog and one tadpole (can you see the little guy?) in the bucket.  They were SUPER hard to catch.



So pleased with the little creatures!