Monday, May 20, 2013 check on our newest house guest

...Isn't she lovely?

She has laid four eggs in the nest she so carefully built.

Eggs numbers 1 & 2 came after SEVERAL checks by the Crow family children on May 11.  By Sunday morning eggs number 3 was there and finally sometime late in the day Egg #4 was laid (May 12).  

According to the big kids' calculations (and this book) our houseguest's family should be complete by May 24.

We had the pleasure of watching her build her nest from the comfort of our living room couch.

And every morning since the kids rush down the stairs, scare the living d-a-y-l-i-g-h-t-s out of her (so that she flies away), and then beg me (till I can no longer resist) to check the status of her four eggs.

Still there.

We love watching her.

She tolerates watching us from afar (whilst we dare sit on her porch).

She flies from tree to tree chirping at us, sometimes walking on the ground close to us...

...and every now and then she is quite brave and flies up to her babies even while we are sitting...

...right, here, with her.

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