Monday, May 13, 2013 get back on schedule

...since I most definitely I have been out-of-routine.

I think it must always be obvious to my friends and family when Mark is home...I become unreliable at posting to the blog, I am not good about returning phone calls, and for me, the time slips away all too quickly.

Mark was home this weekend to celebrate my birthday and Mother's Day with the kids and I.

We drank several cups of hot, pour-over coffee (this week's selection was imported from Puerto Rico), we went out to lunch twice this weekend, and we even managed to fit in a nice long nap on Saturday afternoon.

For the most part the weekend was completely uneventful.

This is exactly how we like our weekends to be.  It makes them last SO MUCH LONGER.


Here are a few 'make-me-happy' photos I took over the past few days (if you have already seen these on Instagram than I apologize for being redundant)....

1.  On Thursday of last week I thought it would be fun productive a.terrible.idea to take all four children shopping at the mall.


Yep.  You read that right.

Me and all four kids.  Walked through nearly every store in the mall to look for uniform shorts for Isabella.

Guess what?

No.  Uniform shorts.  In stock.  Anywhere.

But Will picked out these super cool sunglasses and this fedora.  He has since rocked them every day this week.

2.  Isabella baked me a cake for my birthday.  I think...she put...the candles in...a little early?  They melted.  In case you are wondering: the pink one is worth twenty, the yellow: ten, and the green: nine.

3.  My crew sang me Happy Birthday...several times (since everyone had to have a chance to blow out my candles).  

4.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Mother's Day.  For the record, we had no trouble getting a table!  Will got the award for enjoying his meal the most.

5.  My birthday present from Mark was a beautiful silver pendant that was engraved with the following quotation: 

Warms my heart.

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