Sunday, October 12, 2014 get a j.o.b.


How did a week go by since I last wrote?

It was my Isabella that asked why I hadn't written in a while?

I guess it's because I got a J.O.B.

And I have been so busy trying to stay get organized efficient functional that the evenings have passed all too quickly.

I took a job as a part-time speech pathologist at a school district very close to us here in Ann Arbor.  I am excited about the change.  I love my profession.  And I have been so lucky to have a profession that has been so well-suited to our lifestyle.  At the same time there is a small piece of me that might be content to stay home and do projects and bake and clean and organize, and volunteer, and...

But alas.  After three months off I am working again.

The house isn't completely settled.  The projects aren't complete.  I still think there are a million things to still do around the house but sometimes the little things can wait and this is the right job for our family right now.  Three days a week.  I can send the kids off to school at and be here before they get home.

Week number one of working was a mild success for me and a huge success for the kids.  Especially for Will!  His responsibility factor multiplied by many factors and he has risen to the challenge with barely a complaint.  He is responsible for accompanying the girls to school and waiting with them in their school lines until school begins and they are let into the school.

Tuesdays.  Wednesdays.  Thursdays.

This is a big deal for the 5th grade boy that just wants to throw the football around with his friends before school starts.   The kid who wants to run the 1.5 blocks to schools 'so that I won't be late' now has to walk alongside his I-want-to-pick-up-each.and.every.-walnut-along-the-way-sister.

The young boy who can't stand to be late for anything now walks into his own 5th grade class just as the second bell is ringing.

And he has yet to complain.

That is success.

As for me, I jumped right in to a full caseload of young shining faces.  I have my own office!  I have my own school computer!!  And I am excited to work again...

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