Sunday, October 19, 2014 attend a party

...for Superheros

We have been meeting new families and making new friends.

This afternoon we attended our first birthday party for a little girl that lives around the corner.  We have only met the family a handful of times at the park but they are super friendly and have been very welcoming.

Mark was studying today and Isabella had her own homework to complete.

Reluctantly I went, dragging the other three with me.

It's funny how uncertain about the gathering we all felt.  And we even had each other to walk into the party together!

I have a new appreciation for how they must have felt walking into their classrooms alone on that first day of school.  So many faces.  All unknown.

But alas!  The party was a huge success for my kids.  The moment they saw the bounce house they knew the afternoon would be just fine!

Then, when they saw art projects and goodies as well...they were hooked.

It was such a cute theme.  I wish I had my better camera to take photographs for our new friends.  Everything was so cute.

She had super-hero capes for the kids to decorate...

The girls thought this activity was fabulous.

She had a photo station with a Polaroid to take a picture when their projects were complete.

And there was plenty of food and goodies.  The party was a huge success!

Even Mr. Too-Cool-For-Superhero Parties enjoyed the festivities...

His excitement wasn't truly observed until later this evening, near bedtime, at which time he was observed dashing back-and-forth through the main level of our home with his cape flying behind him...


  1. What a cute party theme! I'll have to remember it. :) Looks like the kids had a great time!

    1. She even had the 'Evil Villans' steal the cakes and the children had to run through the park to catch them...then tie them to a tree! Audrey and Abbey were still talking about it today.