Monday, October 6, 2014 wish Will a super

...Happy 10th Birthday.

A decade.

How does that happen?

I am hardly old enough to have a 10 year old!  Much less now two 10+ year olds!

Mark and I surprised him outside the school with a bunch of balloons.  You can see he was initially trying to contain his excitement....

But really...he kind-of-liked-them.

We celebrated Will's tenth birthday for several days.

We presented him with his gifts on Saturday so he could look forward to the event on Sunday.  I think he was really pleased...

First the jersey:

Then the hat:

Oh my!  Tickets too??!!

Will, Mark and Fred were able to enjoy the game together on Sunday.  

Will couldn't stop grinning when he got home...even when describing the game's ending.

After the game we all enjoyed a nice dinner together with a little cheesecake celebration...

And on Monday we enjoyed some more festivities. 

Just what he needed...some more Maize & Blue.  Anyone ever think he might need a little Green & White in his wardrobe?
Including dinner at his favorite restaurant...Buffalo Wild Wings.

 And Papa even came down to celebrate with us!

Happy 10th Birthday William Joseph Crow!  

P.S.  After three straight days in the same Lion's gear, he finally chose, was persuaded, was forced into wearing a different ensemble to school on Tuesday.

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