Sunday, October 26, 2014 pull out my sewing machine make a couple Halloween costumes.

Will and Abbey want me to make their Halloween costumes.

I don't sew much.  (Since I taught Isabella to sew a straight stitch nearly two years ago.)

I decided to start with Will's costume.  The bat.
It only took me twenty minutes to figure out how to thread the bobbin on Isabella's sewing machine.

After I finally figured out the bobbin issue and began to thread it, I ran out of black thread.

Why of course I did.

Dark Grey thread is really close to black right?

I've cut.  I've stretched fabric.  I have eye-balled measurements.  (This has NOT been an exact process).   I've even sewed on finger holds.

I did not get a photo.  I'll save that surprise for Friday.

He's happy.  And that's what really counts.


Thank goodness Abbey wants to be a ghost.  This one will be easy.

Buy sheet.  Check.
Cut holes for eyes and mouth.  Check.
"Sew swirlies on the bottom mom."  Huh??

I have deciphered this to mean she wants the bottom of her ghost costume to be kind of like the bottom of a little Pac Man.  I have five days to get this right.

It's going well don't you think?

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