Monday, October 20, 2014 enjoy the

...Meet The Nicest People in the World Day.

You've heard of Grandparent's Day.  And Sweetheart's Day.  And Coffee Drinker's Day.  Well apparently, today was "Be the Nicest Person You Can be Day".

The funny thing is...each of my children noticed it.

It started with a trip to the dentist.  We were long overdue.  LONG overdue.  I schlepped myself and my four cherubs off to a dentist that I picked off of a random Google search.  I chose this office due to its proximity to our house and to Isabella's school.  I hadn't had one person recommend this place and didn't know a thing about them.  Oh yes...and they were able to book all five appointments consecutively.  Score.  (This should have been an ominous sign right?)

I have never been to an office where the staff was so cheerful, timely, welcoming, kind, and tolerant of four kids waiting in a dental office.  They were complimentary, efficient, and warm.  Seriously.  Each of my children commented how NICE they were.

Bonus:  No one had a cavity.

Double Bonus:  They each earned FOUR prizes from the prize chest.

Extra Double Bonus:  They were given a $10 Toys R Us gift card for being cavity free.

(Although I might have to deduct some of their bonus points since I had to endure a trip to Toys-R-Us to spend their gifts!)

Next Nicest Person You Can Be Day Experience:

As I mentioned we had to go to Toy-R-Us so the kids could browse and contemplate what to spend their $10 on.  After spending way-too-long in the store it was time to check out.  That woman was a saint I tell you!  She checked out each child individually.  She helped them use their gift cards and added in the extra dollars and change they needed to add.

Bonus:  They were curious about the 'magnetic thingy' you have to take off of clothing so you don't set of the alarms so of course she did a demonstration of how to take these off of the clothing items.

Double Bonus:  She let each child take the said 'magnetic thingy' and run out the door with it.  Just so they could set off the theft alarms.

Three Times!!  (Isabella chose not to participate in this experience.  I think she was a bit embarrassed by it.)

Next Nicest Person You Can Be Day Experience:

Finally, after such a stressful afternoon of five dental appointments AND a trip to Toys-R-Us I decided it would be too much to make dinner this evening.

We went out.

Nothing fancy.

We just went to FIVE GUYS on campus.  It is a place where generally they are already pretty friendly people...

I tell you they went above and beyond today...Demonstrating how they put together the burgers to Abbey and delivering our food to the downstairs eating area for us.

What was fun about this afternoon was how much we noticed and appreciated these strangers' kindness to us.  A good lesson for sure.  And so nice for the kids to be appreciative.

Wouldn't it be NICE if Be the Nicest Person You Can Be Day happened more often?

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  1. What a great day! It's so nice when those days come around!