Wednesday, June 25, 2014 watch a school play

...and enjoy Abbey's Kindergarten celebration.

As you can imagine there have been a lot of tears around here as we move into the last week of school.  Tears about leaving the school.  Tears about leaving friends.  Tears about leaving Fort Drum.  Worries about the move.  Worries about making new friends.  Worries about our new home.  Worries about new schools.

This Momma is a wreck.

The kids'...they seem to be taking all the changes in stride.

As for emotions are out-of-control.

Change really isn't my thing and goodbyes...well I'm pretty terrible at them.  I pretty much cry just thinking about walking my kids to the school bus stop for the last time tomorrow morning and that's just the tip of the iceberg...when I really think about what we are leaving behind...oh my.  It's just so hard.

At the same time there have been some really special moments this week.

Will and his classmates put on a play for the whole school to watch.  The set, the costumes, the storyline was all so much more impressive than I even could have imagined.  I was so proud they all had the confidence to perform in front of all of those people.

I'm pretty sure Will is the cutest fisherman/stagecoach driver ever.  You can be the judge.

Here is a short video clip from the performance, while it is hard to hear, you can still see Will's theatrics.

Will and his classmates were responsible for their lines, costume changes, and scene changes.  Pretty impressive for 4th graders!

Will's in the back of this photo...stagecoach driver.
For some reason I find this photo so adorable.
Will and his buddies.
The cast.
After Will's play, Mark and I went to Abbey's classroom for an end-year-celebration.  Miss Abrams had a special program for the parents.  First, she had the children sing a few of their favorite songs for the adults.

It warms my heart to see that Luke and Abbey are always side-by-side.  And tears me up they'll be so far from each other next year...

Here is a little video clip of their performance.  Grandparents watching this no mind to the boy in front of them...I didn't exactly have the best camera angle.

The second song the kids' sang the pulled a parent in to join in the action with them...

I love how she looks at Mark.
After the little performance Miss Abrams recognized a special attribute of each child in the class.  

Abbey's award and proud parent moment:  Child most likely to be President someday.

She finished the celebration by presenting each child with a gift bags of items.  Her note:

Have a Fun Summer Abbey.  

Bubbles: You blew me away with your hard work!
Smarties:  You are a smarty pants!
Lollipops and Pixie Sticks:  To keep you sweet!
Book, Bookmark, Pencils, Notebook, Eraser, and Pencil Sharpener:  To keep your reading and writing skills sharp all summer long.

I sure am going to miss these sweet teachers...sniff sniff. 

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