Sunday, June 22, 2014 finish the first of two card catalogs

Yesterday was the annual spring Fort Drum community garage sales.

Although we didn't real have a traditional garage sale (with lots of toys, clothes, books, and household items) I did put out a few big items that have been on the purge list that I set outside.

This gave me the opportunity and the time to tackle the first of my two big projects.

Disclaimer:  Mark said they aren't moving unless they are finished.


We don't have a garage in our new house.  Which is code for:  There is no place for spray paint or staining.

I just may go through withdrawal if I have to go three years without a project!  Maybe I'll pick up sewing.  Or knitting?  Glass blowing?

I digress.

I began to tackle this project on a whim.  (Since I was sitting outside watching our few items that no one was coming to buy.)

Consequently, I took very few photos and cheated a bit.  Meaning:

- I only sanded the grubby parts with tape and stickers.
- I only spray painted the parts of the cabinet that are seen.
- I only cleaned the hardware with vinegar, soda and water.  I didn't use chrome polish.

I knocked out most of this project yesterday afternoon.

Most of the labor involved scrubbing and cleaning.  Blech.  This treasure was gross.  I cannot believe I don't have any before photos.


Putting the hardware back on.

Voila.  Photo bomber.
It turned out kinda pretty.

My vision for it had been for it to be in the toy room...sorting smaller toys.  Our new home sadly does not have a toy room.

I have agreed to part with this little treasure.

Sniff.  Sniff.

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