Thursday, June 19, 2014 enjoy the annual Augustinian


This is a favorite activity of the kids' each year.

The purpose:  Raise money for the school.

The objective:  Walk around an empty parking lot in a small circle.  Do this over and over and over again.  For one entire hour.  Do not run.  Do not squirt water bottles.  Do not push your friends.  Do not but in front of the cones.

The kids LOVE this (everyone except Audrey that is...For the record she does not like walking around in circles.).

All the other kids in the entire school think this is the best event !  I am not kidding.  It is the event they all look forward to each school year.

Audrey got herself ready for the big day.

And began walking with her BFF.

Although Audrey dropped out after only four laps, Paddy kept going.  He was very serious about getting his card marked each lap.  He even won for the preschool boys with the most laps walked!

Cormac gave everyone high five as they walked by.  He especially loved it when Will walked by.

Abbey was determined to do well!  34 laps!  

After the walk-a-thon is over the laps are tallied and they the awards are given.  The students that earned over $500 in donations got the opportunity to put a pie in their teacher's face.  Clearly Isabella is enjoying the fun at her teacher's expense!

The whole school...ready to enjoy the day.

My kids have been able this event for three years...they sure have plenty of fun memories to cherish from this event.

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