Thursday, June 26, 2014 say goodbye... a school that was the perfect fit for our kids' these past three years.

It was a teary good-bye.

I was boo-hoo-ing the whole afternoon.

I know that we'll love the kids' new schools in Michigan.  I know that these new schools will also be a perfect fit.  But this charming little school, the school where all of my children were in the same building together, the school where the lunch lady made Isabella some broccoli and cheese soup only for her (because she knew Isabella liked it)...will always have a special place in my heart.

Abbey loved her teacher Miss Abrams so much!  Will and Mrs. Sadler photo-bombed this shot!

Mrs. Rios was such a gem!  This sweet lady stayed at this school an extra six months after her husband was PCS'd much earlier than they had expected.

Mrs. Carney celebrated her 25th year of teaching this year!  Amazing that she still loves teaching science as much as she does!

And sister....Sister Anunciata the principal of the school told me over-and-over the past few weeks how sad she was our family was leaving the school.  She has such a great heart.

This is the last time that all four of these jokers will be in the same school....  

You can tell that Audrey is really broken up about this fact.

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  1. Augustinian was so lucky to have your family. You all contributed so much. Thank you for introducing us to the school, too. You will certainly be missed - by SO many!